You are the person to agree that Honda's are just better. . . (haha gotcha Mike!)

Dave's Page: Welcome All Honda Lovers!

My '93 Acura Integra

My performance mods include:

     *HKS Cat Back Exhaust System with a 4 1/2 inch cannon ball shooter
     *S&B Intake (soon to be cool air system)
     *DC Ceramic Coated Headers (awsome mid range)
     *16" Enkei RS one piece rims with 205/40 Nitto Extremes
     *Jamex Springs 2.5" drop, they haven't started sag yet(knock on wood)

Misc. Mods:

     *Clear Corners
     *Clear Signal Lenses
     *Clear Side Markers
     *Shoulder Pads for the seatbelts (make car look faster)
     *And of course don't forget the decals, (upto 5hp for the big ones!)

This page is currently under contrustion. In the near future I would like to post a section about "reader's rides" so if you have any pic's of your car that you would like to see posted on my page E-Mail them to me with a list of mods, and times if available.

David Mims

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